New Year’s Resolution

I’m a Vineyard missionary in Lima, Peru. For eight years I’ve been living and working with a wonderful group of brothers and sisters in Christ at the Vineyard Laderas de Chillón in Lima. One of the things I’ve been the worst at over that period of time is communicating with friends in the States about what’s going on with me in Peru. I’m in the States now, and I just spent several hours with a small group of some of my dearest friends who patiently saw me through my tears of frustration, then took me to school. Blogging school. Free-blogging school.  Teaching me about blogs and links to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all of it automatic and almost self-perpetuating. I’m sixty-two years old so this is like Mars to me. Sure, I’ve heard about it. I’ve even seen it as a distant red dot low on the horizon in the night sky, but I’ve never been there. Now I’m going. New Year’s Resolution. On my way.

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