The Unseen Realm

I’ve been reading a lot and talking to people, trying to better understand what we’re up against in deliverance ministry in Peru. It wasn’t something we set out to practice. We just had the same experience as most do: when we started routinely asking Jesus to lead prayer for healing, pretty soon we ran into cases where He seemed to indicate that the cause wasn’t physical. When we took ministry in that direction in response, we found out that He was right. (There were are also occasions when we ran into out-and-out manifestations. What a shock that was the first time it happened!)

As far as the talking to people goes, I’m in New York right now, and today my hosts–Fr. Joseph and Melanie Chiccarello–are taking me to meet a local pastor with a lot of experience in that area. We set up the meeting yesterday, and overnight the pastor sent me an email that includes the website address of a missionary friend of his who lived and worked in Argentina and Paraguay for several years. I may get a chance to talk to the friend, too.

As far as the reading goes, of course I’m reading some of our most experienced elders in this ministry: Derek Prince, Francis MacNutt, Peter Horrobin. I’m also trying to understand a little more about spiritual beings in general and thus am into a book called the Unseen Realm by Michael Heiser. That book has been mind boggling.

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