Going to Nashville

I’m driving down to Nashville tomorrow to attend a conference of the Anchor churches. I hope it won’t be too icy. (Thank you Bree and Brian for letting me use your car! I’ll be very careful.)

The Anchor’s founder, Joshua Stump, was the worship leader for years at Jerry Bryant’s Nashville Vineyard. They parted ways and Joshua and Brian Bann and Ryan Adams and a bunch of great people started the first Anchor Church.The first Anchor church was a Vineyard for awhile, but I think maybe it was a little too radical for our getting-more-formal (Is it?) movement, so it went independent five or six years ago. Since then, Joshua has founded a second church, the Keeill, in Nashville; Brian Bann is pastoring the original Anchor; and several churches from around the States have associated themselves with the movement.

Joshua has visited Peru guilleyjoshuaseveral times. This is him with our pastor in Laderas, Guillermo Sifuentes. Also, as of last year, Ryan Adams had brought his Anchor School of Ministry students three or four years in a row. He recently accepted his own pastorate in Orlando but is talking to his new congregation about coming down to visit us in Peru also!

Anyway, all the Anchor churches are getting together this weekend and have given me 20 minutes to talk about the Vineyard Laderas de Chillón. Please ask the Holy Spirit to help me choose my words and, especially, ask Him to open the hearts of those He wants to touch on behalf of our family in Laderas de Chillón. When He does that, it seems to be completely independent of any of my bumbling words or efforts. Which is a good thing.