Support Us


If you’d like to support me or the Vineyard Laderas financially, you can send money as follows:

1. World Outreach Online. Click here to make a donation to me at my mission agency’s online giving site. Donations made to me through World Outreach are tax deductible.

  • To give by check, write the check out to World Outreach and write my name on the note line at the bottom of the check. Mail your check to World Outreach, P.O. Box B, Marietta, GA 30061.

2. World Outreach is reliable but slow processing donations. If you want us to get something today or tomorrow, PayPal is the way to go. My PayPal email address is Click here for PayPal.

  • PayPal provides a “comments” space to let me know who the donation is for and/or if it’s for a specific purpose.

3. In an emergency, as long as the power’s not out, you can get money here within minutes through Western Union. Click here for Western Union online.

  • Direct your donation to our city, Lima, and to the person you want to receive it using their full name. Remember that most Latin Americans use two last names, maternal and paternal in that order. If you’re sending a donation to me, it’s just “Pamela Robles.” If it’s Santiago, for example, it’s Santiago Silva Villegas. Pastor Guillermo is Edgar Guillermo Sifuentes Silva.
  • If you send money Western Union, make sure and send the recipient the tracking number that Western Union prints on the top of your receipt. Without that, your recipient won’t be able to claim the money.